Teaching Spanish with Character Analysis in El Internado

Teaching with Spanish videos is a great way to capture your students' attention. Plot driven television shows like the Spanish series El Internado can be effective tools to provide comprehensible input (CI) while talking about characters and events. Teachers can use lesson plans that cycle through Spanish vocabulary and grammar structures to help students learn in a natural way. 

The setting for El Internado is a boarding school in Spain that holds a dark mystery. Needless to say students immediately identify with the characters as they navigate the drama of their relationships but the danger and suspense in the plot-driven story line really keep their attention.

El Internado is a Spanish television series and some of the content may not be appropriate for your class. Don't let that deter you. For now, El Internado is available on Netflix so you can preview episodes before showing in class. 

Download our FREE character analysis handout below. It's a great way supplement any lesson plan that uses El Internado. Students learn adjectives and simple verbs to describe the characters, think about their problems and conjecture about their motivations. 

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