Free Graphic Organizer for Spanish Verbs

Free Verb Master Spanish regular verbs worksheets

It’s September and if you are back in the classroom teaching Spanish, you know this is the best time to review basic verbs and introduce your students to essential grammar concepts. I’m a big fan of comprehensible input in the classroom, using simple verbs and structures in context to making learning fun. However, there are times when a straightforward verb organizer can be helpful for students. I made these that by taking the common concept of Spanish verb conjugations and putting them into a visually appealing format to help students see patterns in the verb endings.

In this example, students find the regular present tense verbs with AR endings that have been left in the basement of an apartment building and “move” them upstairs with the elevator to the matching translation. Once completed, they can see how verb endings match for the singular and plural pronouns. It’s a simple way to organize verbs that works well for visual learners.

The first slide below shows the blank worksheet. The answer sheet on the second slide is color coded to help students see the endings better. The next two slides use the verbs in student interviews! Dictate or print the worksheet with the questions, have students interview classmates, and then share the answers. The final page can be shown in class to recycle words and practice more speaking.

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Using Games in the Language Classroom

Games have the power of teaching through fun. When done right, you can have a while class happily using grammar and vocabulary in context without even realizing they are practicing your targeted items. I always feel a bit like the sneaky chef when playing games in class; I'm introducing spinach (the grammar I want them to practice) by hiding it inside a big, delicious smoothie (that's the game). You can take many of your favorite childhood games and turn them into instant language class activities. Scategories, I spy, 20 questions, and more can be used without having to prepare anything beforehand.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite games was Battleship. I took this basic idea and modified it for the language classroom to develop two new games, Exploradores del Mar and Foto-Safari. In these games, students have a search and find board with different animals they have to find using either sonar waves (Exploradores del Mar) or with their camera (Foto-Safari). Voila!  No violence! They use the verbs and subjects provided to search for their opponents animals.  In advanced versions (good for middle school and up) they have to conjugate the verb using the small grammar box provided. In simpler versions, the verbs are already conjugated and they can their practice pronunciation. 

I find that once they start, students can easily spend fifteen to twenty minutes speaking in pairs without using English. Teach them a few game terms like Me Toca, Te Toca, and off they go!  How often can we get our students to speak in the target language for that  long? It's hard but this game gives them the structure and scaffolding they need to do it!

If you would like to give it a try, you can get our free version by clicking here. 

What are your favorite classroom games? 

Thanks and happy teaching!


Click the image to play Exploradores del Mar!

Click the image to play Exploradores del Mar!