spanish short movies for class

Short Movies for Spanish Class


Short movies are perfect for any language class and in many ways have a huge advantage over full-length films. They are versatile, can usually be taught in one to two class sessions, are easily found on the internet, and can be used at any level. With a bit of searching, you can also find videos with culturally relevant items. These authentic resources give you opportunities to provide Comprehensible Input, improve listening skills and have fun in class!


For the Birds MovieTalk

This is a great short for teaching high frequency verbs and grammar in context. Since there is no dialogue in this film, you can turn it into a great movie talk. It’s a great short film to show at the beginning of the year too when talking about respect and acceptance in the classroom. And it’s funny!

Spanish movietalk.PNG

Preteach some key Spanish words to make it more comprehensible. Slip in some culture photos whenever you can Using a toucan to show the word BEAK let’s you talk about an iconic bird found in Latin America. Follow up your MovieTalk and some writing activities.

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La Leyenda del Espantapájaros

One of the best short films in Spanish out there on the internet. If you are fan of Tim Burton films, you will love this one. Clocking in at around ten minutes, this is a longer film that works well when broken up over two classes. We made a super lesson plan to break down the vocabulary with fun visuals, games, and class activities. While the language is hard, you can adapt the movie to work with lower levels by talking through essential vocabulary.



This short film by Argentinian director Juan Pablo Zaramella keeps students engaged with some amazing stop-motion action and a charming story. This movie has no dialogue but the soundtrack is TANGO giving you an opportunity to bring some authentic culture into the classroom. Use it as a Movie Talk!

Key vocabulary: trabaja, sale, va, se acuesta, roba, el jefe, la bombilla, la fábrica, se enoja, y sopla.